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Martech 2019 is a vital resource for anyone creating product and service experiences. Whether you’re a digital marketing professional struggling with turning browsers into buyers, a marketing strategist blending pioneering technologies or working on a digital transformation of your business, you don’t want to miss this. 
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Thursday 19.9.2019




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The Moderator Kick Off


KEYNOTE    Community-driven Storytelling

Roger Hoard, Creative Lead, Airbnb

  • How successful brands leverage the power of community to deliver their message

  • Getting a community to rally around your brand

  • Why traditional marketing messages don’t work anymore



A CMO’s Guide (and Actually Anyone in Marketing) to Tackling the MarTech Madness

Carlos Doughty,  Founder, MarTech Alliance 

  • What actually is martech? Spoiler – it’s a lot more than marketing tools

  • A practical framework for how to structure your marketing technology strategy and roadmap



Introducing the MarTech Landscape

Ira Gylling,  Growth Director and Strategist, Avaus 

  • What does the Finnish MarTech Landscape look like and how does it compare to the Nordic/European Landscape

  • Who are the star players?

  • What is the industry worth?



KEYNOTE   Humanisation and Personalisation of Tech Brands in Marketing

Monika Werthén, Head of Marketing, Uber Nordics 

  • Building long-lasting brand loyalty

  • Creating true brand purpose


Business Mingle


Social Video Trends: How to Grow and Monetize an Audience Online Using Data

Emily Morphy, EMEA Sales Director, Tubular Labs

  • What content are people consuming in the Nordics and where? 

  • How to identify and capitalise on a content opportunity 

  • Trends in Nordic branded content across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


How Marketing Gamification drives loyalty, brand engagement, lead generation and data enrichment

Max Söderholm, Country Lead, Finland, LeadFamly

  • Cut through the noise by adding game elements to your marketing campaigns

  • Omnichannel: Turning app visits into in-store sales (case: Coop Denmark)

  • Marketing gamification made simple: the LeadFamly platform




How Much is Your Marketing Worth? Don’t Trust Me, Trust the Data

Jaime López, Sales & Development, Wärtsilä

  • From brochures to revenue-generating automated marketing: Wärtsilä’s journey

  • Five keys to making your organisation a data-driven marketing powerhouse

  • What’s next in data-driven marketing?


Lunch time!


Republic of Performance: Finding Your Cultural Tribe in a Global Marketplace

Martin Karaffa, Senior Associate at Hofstede Insights

  • CASE: How increasing affluence levels couldn’t predict marketplace success for  Meredes-Benz’s most expensive cars, but cultural differences could

  • The 9 dimensions of consumer culture

  • Observations of the growth of specific cultural forces


Why We Need to Search for Unorthodox Data Mergers to Change the Game for Better Online Marketing

Markku Mäntymaa, Founder, Viomba 

  • How to optimize one's digital ROMI with biometric attention data?

  • Recent case studies


From Conversation to Conversion: How to Build Business in Every Stage of the Funnel

Fredrik Rönnlund, Chief Growth Officer at Valohai, Chairman of the Board at Leadoo 

  • What you can learn from selling to Fortune500s and SMEs

  • Why in this modern marketing world, it is worthwhile to build a dialogue with both potential and current customers

  • How martech tools can enable this dialogue



Q & A session with keynotes: Breaking Down MarTech 

Carlos Doughty,  Founder, MarTech Alliance

Roger Hoard, Creative Lead, Airbnb 

Monika Werthén, Head of Marketing, Uber Nordics 

Emma Storbacka, CEO, Avaus

  • How different aspects of MarTech correlate, which grow and which don’t

  • What should be your primary investment 

  • Analytics, data, AI vs. traditional marketing



Business Mingle


From Martech First to Innovation First: How to Generate Growth and Better Customer Experiences From (Mar)Tech and Data

Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director, Nordic Morning

  • Generate value and efficiency through piloting, learning and scaling

  • Better customer on-boarding and loyalty through automation, marching learning & AI

  • Client cases 


Content Strategy is Dead. Long Live the Content Strategy. 

Laura Hinkkanen, Strategist and Content Lead, Frantic

  • Why should you invest in content?

  • Why is it crucial to break the silos and work on the customer journey together?

  • Content from product design to demand creation and marketing



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