How to Increase Employee Engagement with Gamification

For over a decade now, gamification has been used by businesses to improve employee training, participation and motivation. Gamification takes elements of video games and applies it into non-gaming contexts, like a specific process inside an organisation - truly taking the motto “work hard, play hard” to a new level! The idea is to encourage employees to reach certain objectives by making mundane tasks fun. Merriam-webster defines gamification as, the process of adding games or game-like elements to something so as to encourage participation. Game design has been implemented into various parts of day-to-day operations, in functions like HR, sales, customer support and services to name a few.

11 Digital Marketing Trends for ­2019-2020 Part 1 – Marketing Technology

1. Experience design is now becoming algorithmic and AI driven User experience is swiftly overtaking price as the most critical competitive differentiator. Also, digital experiences are increasingly designed and created by algorithms and AI. It all started with personalisation. When personalisation becomes sophisticated enough, the experience becomes different – it feels intelligent. An algorithm that learns. This is what the AI hoopla is all about. The rewards are the same as always for good marketing: CX, better retention, affinity, word of mouth and growth. AI in marketing promises that the UX will finally be freed from creative guesswork. The ability to continually optimise hyper-person

The AI Marketing Landscape is Growing at the Speed of Light

In our series of marketing technology landscapes, this time Avaus’ team has focused on mapping AI solutions. This, first ever published AI Marketing Landscape tells a compelling story about the new urgency of data and analytics in all areas of business, enterprise, SME and smaller. As we speak, the Landscape is evolving. Adoption of AI tools and technologies is gaining speed, and the Landscape is as of this writing, for sure already wanting. The AI based solutions are proliferating on the SAAS-market as ever more new AI-pureplay entrants compete with AI-upgraded older incumbents. Most of the buzz can be attributed to real advances in analytics tools development, but simultaneously, the AI fr

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