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When to think about outsourcing your marketing

Sometimes outsourcing can be a saviour that you never thought you needed and other times it is the saviour you know you desperately needed. Outsourcing your company’s marketing or some aspects of it has definite benefits and can help your company better align your own staff to fulfill everyday tasks (link). There are variety of different examples for when to start thinking about outsourcing but for clarity we listed four most common moments when you should think about outsourcing your marketing.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Marketing is pushed aside

This is probably the most common situation that especially smaller companies find themselves in. Your everyday tasks are running smoothly and you feel like your company is doing great. After awhile you realise that you are not bringing in new clients anymore and the original “buzz” around your company is dying out. You also realise that your company’s channels and website are outdated and haven’t seen any action since last year. It is time to consider outsourcing.

Marketing shouldn’t have to be the “necessary evil” in your company rather than the incredible tool lifting you to the next level and bringing in new clients. An outsourced agency will make sure that the “buzz” doesn’t die out.

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]When your staff is overworked

We have all met the staff member whose title is a long list of tasks. That Mary or Joe who is in charge of sales, marketing, graphic design, coding, communication, HR and admin. This is not as rare as you might think and this is a great moment to think about outsourcing. One Mary-Joe cannot do everything which means something has to always give. Your company’s communication will struggle or your marketing gets forgotten or sales is neglected.

If you feel a pinch in your heart that your company has a Mary-Joe then maybe you should consider lifting some tasks from them so they could concentrate in doing all of their tasks well instead of doing them at an okay or less-than-okay level. An outsourced marketing agency can prevent Mary-Joe from drowning under their to-do-list.

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]When you need to realign your internal operations

Your company is going through changes. Your previous head of marketing is moving to sales and your coordinator is taking on the role as head of marketing. Suddenly your marketing team is short-staffed and you are thinking what should be your next move. These are the moments when you can consider outsourcing your marketing team to an agency. You have a newly appointed head of marketing but no one to do the practical work. So instead of hiring one person you could get an agency to help this new head of marketing in their daily work.

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]When you want the latest skills and the best services for your needs

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is a field that is in constant change. New platforms and technologies pop-up like daisies in spring time. In the constant shift it can be hard to stay on track. This is when a digital marketing agency is a useful partner. Instead of running other operations and simultaneously trying to learn about the newest technologies the digital marketing agency concentrates solely on the new technologies and platforms. Through outsourcing your company has vast amount of new talent in your fingertips.

Using a digital marketing agency will also help you align your marketing efforts. An agency will excecute your strategy or create you one and plan you the best way to reach your audiences with the right messages in the right channels. This allows you to concentrate in running your company whilst someone else makes sure the right people know about it.

Outsourcing, when done right, creates results

When considering to outsource you should always do your research. There are tens and tens of different kinds of digital marketing agencies out there and you will get the best results if you find the partner that is the right fit for you. If you concentrate on videos and community building maybe find an agency that specializes in videos? If your buyer persona’s are blog readers and social media users you should find an agency that specializes in data-driven customer-centric storytelling, like Digistoori ( If you need a marketing team that will support your sales a 10000% then you should look into marketing agencies with a great sales track record. Finding the best agency for your needs helps you outsource your daily marketing efforts to them when you know that they are the best partner’s for your company.

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