When to think about outsourcing your marketing

Sometimes outsourcing can be a saviour that you never thought you needed and other times it is the saviour you know you desperately needed. Outsourcing your company’s marketing or some aspects of it has definite benefits and can help your company better align your own staff to fulfill everyday tasks (link). There are variety of different examples for when to start thinking about outsourcing but for clarity we listed four most common moments when you should think about outsourcing your marketing. [if !supportLists]1. [endif]Marketing is pushed aside This is probably the most common situation that especially smaller companies find themselves in. Your everyday tasks are running smoothly and

A Brief Guide To Gamification In Marketing

Have you ever wondered if gamification in marketing was really a fit for your business or brand? We figured that many marketers have, so we put together a brief guide that shares what goes into the ‘backend’ or approach to gamification, and what are the mechanics that goes into the audience experience. Let’s get started. How marketers can use gamification Gamification as a concept is not new. In their research, Gamification and Mobile Marketing Effectiveness, the authors Hofacker, Lurie, De Ryte, and Machanda, state that gamification is built on four design elements: (1) story, (2) mechanics, (3) aesthetics and (4) technology. Story adds context to the game and meaning to the experience; mec

Is Your Newsletter Accessible? Should It Be?

The national laws about offering digital services oblige public sector operators and some private sector organizations to comply with accessibility requirements. Different national laws inside the EU implement the European Union Accessibility Directive. The directive and the individual laws are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Basically the laws obligate those concerned to comply with the WCAG level A and AA criteria. The organization behind the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is W3C which maintains WWW recommendations. The timeline obliges different organizations and types of content in different ways. Here you can access

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