The Facts Behind Why Gamification Works

We gathered a list of the most interesting gamification facts While some people mistake gamification for a fun few minutes, it’s much more. From analyzing LeadFamly data and client campaigns, we know that gamification campaigns increase audiences’ time engaged, money spent, and social media habits. Some people question if gamification actually has an impact on business. We can say it absolutely does. Knowing that it’s a fast-growing industry, at LeadFamly we like to say gamification is fun but it’s also serious business. Gamification expert Jane McGonigal says that “games give us unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle.” The current gamification market size is estimated to be wort

5 Top Marketing Insights from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for Marketers

Pokémon GO used marketing gamification and AR, and why Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will follow in its footsteps. Until last weekend, Potter fans could only imagine the Wizarding World. Now, both Harry Potter and Pokémon fans can experience this magical world in Harry Potter GO, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as it’s officially called. The player’s mission is that magical things are happening in the Muggle [non-magical] world and the player’s job is to capture these magical beings before any muggle sees. Players need to ‘catch’ Foundables [magical creatures, memories, or items] and return them to the wizard world. All in a day’s work. How this is impacting marketing Technological advances lik

Changing Marketing One Pokémon At A Time

First, Pokémon GO got players moving and exploring. Now, its parent company, The Pokémon Company, and Niantic, the developer, want to help its users sleep better. What’s this about? Pokémon GO was undoubtedly a homerun for Niantic and The Pokémon Company. App revenue has surpassed US$2.5 billion since its release, with it grossing US$205 million in the first quarter of 2019. The app crossed the one billion download mark in September 2018. Pokémon GO is also played by one of the hardest demographics to market to: 18- to 24-year-olds. In fact, as many as 60% of Pokémon GO users are aged 18-34 according to one measure, which shows that Generation Z and Millennials are actively playing. All of t

How Games Convert Leads Into Clients

Looking for an effective method for converting leads into actual customers, clients, or sales for your business? Whether you are trying to motivate someone to complete a task, or trying to convert leads with marketing campaigns, you are definitely going to see results if you make the entire process fun. This is where gamification software truly excels as an effective method for attracting attention, engaging with consumers, and converting online leads into customers — no matter if you operate in a consumer (B2C) or enterprise (B2B) environment. Ongoing engagement: how gamification converts leads into sales As we already know, gamification in marketing involves the use of game mechanisms (suc

The Untapped Potential of Events in Classic Content Marketing

Content marketing, the buzzword and marketing trend of the past decade, is older than one might think. The practice of gently coaxing a prospective client towards a buying decision by serving them useful and relevant content was invented long before the phrase was coined. Very, very long before. Here's a classic example of true, by-the-book (no pun intended) content marketing, often brought up in lectures and marketing classes. It takes us back to France in the year 1900. Two brothers, Édouard and André, were worried about their dwindling sales figures. They manufactured and sold car tyres and business was not good. Cars were a fairly recent invention in 1900, and the public hadn't yet reali

Bringing events into the digital age with integrated marketing

Data has become an important ingredient in all marketing operations and provides companies with a way to measure the success of their campaigns and justify their ever-growing marketing budgets. Marketing is increasingly less about creative work and more about using analytics to optimize and target campaigns. The ever so handsome Don Draper is losing his spot at the top of the marketing tree, being replaced by a digital native marketing engineer. With this change, the previously fragmented field is once again becoming more integrated. Piecemeal organizations are being replaced by comprehensive services that take a wholistic view of companies’ marketing operations. Buying services from ten dif

Gamification V. Marketing Automation: A Comparison

Find out why an interactive marketing gamification strategy can be 
more effective for your business than many automation tools. When it comes to automating time-consuming tasks involved with marketing and promotion, the use of marketing automation tools can be an effective method to help speed things up. Whether you want to automate emails, schedule social media posts, or instantly reply to queries on your website with chatbots, marketing automation tools certainly have their place within the marketing industry to help you achieve a wide range of marketing goals. In fact, marketing automation tools are becoming more and more popular. The research firm Forrester predicts that businesses will

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