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What is marketing automation?

Your company’s head of marketing is stressed. Their calendar is full of tasks, their to-do-list is longer than the river Nile and their stress levels have reached a point of almost no return. Managing different marketing tasks from content to analytics can be taxing, especially if every action and task is done in a different software or platform. In the midst of all the chaos it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A simple solution in the form of marketing automation.

Marketing automation takes care of everydaily tasks

Marketing automation is meant to help marketing, sales and customer service teams to work more smoothly and efficiently. The idea behind this is that you give your regular, every daily tasks, to be completed by a software that can send emails, share social media posts and handle lead generation much faster than any human on this planet. Marketing automation software, depending on the software itself, can handle weekly emails, blog posts, workflows, ticketing and many other tasks. By coordinating all your marketing efforts through one platform you also ease up the hassle of constantly shifting from one platform to another.

Another way in which marketing automation can really help any company is by providing all the data in one place. Instead of having to gather some statistics here and some from there you can look at all your numbers and graphs in one place. This allows you to have a clearer idea of the state of your company’s marketing, sales or customer service efforts.

Let technology take care of repetitive tasks

Marketing automation can handle your repetitive tasks easily. Whilst a human might struggle maintaining a weekly schedule with meetings, office emergencies and other tasks, an automated technology can handle this all with ease. Marketing automation comes in handy when your company has regular procedures that are triggered by specific actions. For example, you have a guide for lead generation that someone can get to their email by filling a form. Normally your marketing personnel will then send a manual email to the person who downloaded the guide and then eventually the marketing team will inform your sales people that this might be a qualified lead. Instead of doing so much manual labor can marketing automation send the interesting email automatically and analyse the person’s behaviour based on certain characteristics defined by your company. After the lead has fulfilled the required characteristics will the system inform your sales team that it is a great time to call.

Marketing automation doesn’t replace people

Technology isn’t here to steal our jobs, it’s here to help us concentrate on what really matters. Marketing automation works best when it serves a clear, well thought out strategy and fulfills specific, detailed tasks that have been defined for it. All the tasks that marketing automation has been given should always have their basis in data and they should assist your potential clients in their buyer journey. Marketing automation needs a human to tell it what to do so that it can provide the help that most companies can benefit from.

Marketing automation helps your marketing team manage their repetitive daily tasks better. It also allows them to concentrate on what matters, such as problem solving, sales enablement and improving your company’s strategic customer-centric marketing.

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