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A simple chatbot solution - Why you should use button bots!

Chatbot projects often have a reputation for being time-consuming and costly to implement. However, chatbots today come in all shapes and sizes with various capabilities and levels of advancement. This is great news, as not every business will need a chatbot with AI capabilities! In fact, sometimes less advanced bots like button-based bots can be just as effective.

What exactly is a button-based bot?

Also known as menu bots or flow bots, these bots are easy to implement and more cost friendly compared to their AI counterparts. Built like a decision tree, the user follows a conversational path by clicking on the options provided by the bot. Instead of typing their own query or question, the user simply clicks on options provided. The user is essentially forced down a pre-decided guided path, meaning less room for error or miscommunication between the bot and end-user.

Button-based bots have different uses depending on your specific business needs. They can help you guide online visitors on your website, generate more leads for you or promote a specific action for example. We gathered a few key benefits to using button-based bots - check them out:

Better customer experience

No matter how great your website is, some customers will have difficulties finding the information they are looking for. In some cases, your website visitors might not even know what it is they are looking for. By using a bot to ask questions, you can help guide them to the right information and facilitate your website navigation. This saves your potential customers’ valuable time and provides them with better customer experience! Not only that, bots can deal with basic FAQs keeping your customer service team focused on more meaningful tasks. A button-based bot will provide customers with support outside of working hours 24/7.

Increase lead generation

In addition to helping guide online visitors, button-based bots provide a new avenue for capturing leads on your website. When you've already worked hard to get people onto your website, you don’t want them to leave without converting to potential customers, right? Using a bot on your website ensures that your efforts pay off by engaging them and providing an interactive contact form on your website.

Button-based bots can also be used to qualify your leads, especially when combined with a live chat service. When a bot is used as the initial interaction, you are able to qualify the online prospect before transferring to a chat agent. This means your sales team will spend less time chatting to irrelevant leads and more time nurturing qualified sales leads. Bots can also be targeted for specific pages, allowing you to provide the right content, to the right person at the right time.

Quick to implement

Even today, chatbots built on machine learning mechanisms require manual work and extensive training before functioning independently. This training and data feeding can take time and effort. Button-based bots on the other hand, are easy to create, don’t require coding skills and can be implemented immediately - a dream come true for any digital marketer! Determining what kind of chatbot is right for you, it's important to start with what you would like it to achieve. Like said training more advanced chatbots can take time and be costly - so, if you’re looking for a simple and fast solution, a button-based bot like our Interaction bot might just be the right option for you!

Read more about how interactive content, can help make your website into a lead generation machine in our blog.

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