Have you heard these six B2B myths? Here’s the truth behind them

The world of B2B marketing is a murky twilight zone where myths, preconceptions and false impressions abound. You should definitely not believe everything you hear, as the wilderness of rumour will swallow an unwary traveller. Here are six myths from the B2B realm and the illuminating truths behind them. 1. Big Data will solve all your problems Actually, big or small, data in itself will do nothing for you. It’s Knowledge, refined from your data, that will help you to win over customers and form long-lasting business relationships. How do you turn bits and bytes into valuable customer understanding? Take a look at our article Forget Big Data – say hello to Big Knowledge!(https://idbbn.com/bl

To automate or not to automate – This is NOT THE question

Your company is thinking about growth, pondering about the large questions of business life. You have heard that every other company in the known land, or at least in your circle, have taken on a marketing automation software and scaled up beautifully. Which means that now also you and your team are creating pros-and-cons lists, developing plans, and having debates on whether or not you should take on one of the many marketing automation tools available. In reality the question isn’t if you should or shouldn’t automate your marketing, it is when you should and what should you automate. Marketing automation is a great tool but a bad leader The great question your company should be asking is w

What is marketing automation?

Your company’s head of marketing is stressed. Their calendar is full of tasks, their to-do-list is longer than the river Nile and their stress levels have reached a point of almost no return. Managing different marketing tasks from content to analytics can be taxing, especially if every action and task is done in a different software or platform. In the midst of all the chaos it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A simple solution in the form of marketing automation. Marketing automation takes care of everydaily tasks Marketing automation is meant to help marketing, sales and customer service teams to work more smoothly and efficiently. The idea behind this is that you g

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