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How Games Convert Leads Into Clients

Looking for an effective method for converting leads into actual customers, clients, or sales for your business?

Whether you are trying to motivate someone to complete a task, or trying to convert leads with marketing campaigns, you are definitely going to see results if you make the entire process fun.

This is where gamification software truly excels as an effective method for attracting attention, engaging with consumers, and converting online leads into customers — no matter if you operate in a consumer (B2C) or enterprise (B2B) environment.

Ongoing engagement: how gamification converts leads into sales

As we already know, gamification in marketing involves the use of game mechanisms (such as points, levels, and rewards) to connect with and impact the behavior of consumers in a target market.

By incorporating game design elements such as inclusiveness, achievement, competition, rewards, and fun into marketing campaigns, you are providing a variety of incentives for your target audience to interact with your brand or business.

The main objectives of utilizing gamification strategies with marketing campaigns should be to attract the attention of your target audience and create ongoing engagement with them in order to:

  • Nurture relationships with potential customers

  • Lead potential customers through the buyer’s journey

  • Convert people from being potential customers into actual customers

  • Retain customer loyalty in the future

  • Encourage brand advocacy

Highly-engaged leads = higher conversion rates

Engaging with leads at different touch points throughout the buyer’s journey gives your business an opportunity to build rapport and develop strong relationships with leads. By developing strong relationships with your leads, you are able to personalize their experience, establish trust, and make them more receptive to your marketing messages.

In a recent survey by Accenture Interactive, 48% of consumers reported leaving a company’s website and purchasing from a competitor due to a poorly personalized experience.

Compare this to findings from an Epsilon research report on personalization and marketing performance, which found that 80% of consumers interviewed indicated they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

What does this show?

Marketing strategies that focus on personalizing the experience of a target audience, nurturing that relationship with positive interactions, and creating a highly-engaged lead have the ability to transform these leads into actual profits.

Gamification encourages potential customers to enter the customer journey loop

The use of gamification not only attracts the attention of consumers in a busy marketplace, it is also one of the most effective methods for pushing leads through the buyer’s journey to generate sales.

By offering the right type of rewards at different touch points throughout the buyer’s journey, businesses can ensure their leads are constantly being ushered through the journey and getting closer to becoming brand loyalists.


Source: Adapted from OMD, “Eco-system,” 2014.

Knowing that insanely high engagement and retention are possible by gamifying marketing campaigns, we predict that gamification will be the launchpad of marketing initiatives in the future.

Game on!

Want to know more? Download our e-guide How To Implement A Gamification Strategy That Wins Leads.

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