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How to outsource your digital marketing

A struggle many business owners face regularly is lack of time. Especially in smaller companies it is common that a relatively small group of people is responsible for many various tasks. As the owner you want your company to grow, and you know that you need great marketing efforts to get your name out there but lack of time and resources means that your sales and communication person is tasked with updating your website and doing something in social media. No one coordinates your marketing and none of your staff actually know all the possibilities digital marketing could provide for your company. This is when you should think of outsourcing some aspects of your digital marketing, or to outsource it all to a company who knows how to deliver the results your company needs.

Outsourcing plan that looks like you

When you as a CEO have decided you would like to get some help to run your marketing it is time to do some research. What kind of agency could fulfill your needs, and who has experience in your field? Oftentimes it can be hard to figure out how you should actually outsource your digital marketing and do you need to give some agency exclusive autonomy on your marketing. Simple answer is, no. Each outsourcing agreement and arrangement is unique and you should create an outsourcing plan that fits your company’s needs. Here are examples of three ways you could outsource your company’s digital marketing.

1. Outsourcing everything

A company that has no one running marketing and has no expertise in digital marketing should consider outsourcing all their digital marketing to a professional agency. Outsourcing everything doesn’t mean you lose control of your company’s marketing rather than you give the lead to the agency to provide you results that you want to achieve. With Digistoori, if a company wishes to outsource all their digital marketing, the collaboration starts with strategy and planning workshops. In these workshops both sides make sure that they are on the same page. These workshops also make sure that your company has a well planned out marketing strategy, content calendar, channel strategies and other useful tools that both companies can use to track the progress of planned marketing efforts. The collaboration also includes monthly or weekly meetings in which Digistoori reports on results and plans for the coming weeks or months.

2. Outsourcing some aspects

If your company has a marketing team that is in charge of for example website, blog posts and search engine optimization but knows nothing about social media it is smart to outsource social media to someone who knows what they are doing. Same goes for any other aspect of digital marketing. If there are aspects your company is not familiar with it is smart to use someone who really knows what they are doing and is able to concentrate solely in providing you with excellent results.

3. Outsourcing “practical” work

The third example is for those companies where you have a marketing and sales personnel who know the more strategical aspects of marketing and have a vision of where your company should be in few years but you lack the practical skills to do the wanted tasks. In these cases it can be useful to ask an agency to for example take care of search engine optimisation of blog posts or audience design for social media marketing. An agency can do the work based on your guidelines and wishes.

Outsourcing doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. Digital marketing can provide any company with excellent results as long as it is data- and customer-centric. When you find the perfect partner for your digital marketing, you will wonder why you took so long to outsource in the first place as outsourcing digital marketing is supposed to make your life easier and your company’s marketing better.

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